The Villages of East London – A Grander Past

peter-lawrence-villages-of-east-londonFriday 22nd April 2016.  7 15 p.m.

The Millennium Memorial Hall at Littleton

We welcome back Peter Lawrence who has previously given us excellent illustrated talks on ‘London’s Docklands’, ‘Whitehall’ and ‘Beneath London’s Streets’.  This time Peter will focus on East London.  He writes

‘My talk ‘The Villages of East London – A Grander Past’ identifies some surviving centres of the twenty six villages that were situated in the eastern part of what was the county of Middlesex – the urban sprawl we now call “East London”. Their grander past is due to their situations, close to the Thames and the City of London. Evidence of “A Grander Past” will include Hawksmoor churches, Georgian houses and people who lived there and were part of our maritime history – they include Capt. Cook, Capt. Bligh and Nelson. I keep the locations “under my hat” until the evening, but the importance of places names such as “Bow”, “Mile End”, “Limehouse” and “Wapping” will become apparent.

Tickets £9,  including a glass of wine and ‘nibbles’ from Clive Thompsett  01962 885039 or, preferably,